This journey, like any other divine journey, has come with its own epiphanies, perils, and blessings.

Coach West as an international Christian Business coach, author, and national speaker along with his wife Clare, a hardworking mother and homeschooler of 10, enjoyed a life of God’s simple blessings and joys. Unforeseen changes brought on a handful of opportunities for both Coach West and Clare West to tithe their talents and experiences to help individuals and couples who were confronted with a struggle in the personal and professional lives and relationships. Through varying levels of depression and/or PTSD, both mild and extreme, the true healing of God’s power and design began to manifest itself in the most broken of individuals. It was an overwhelmingly beautiful thing, and in short order, began to consume both their lives. After 2 years of development and maturity, the Head and Heart Project is ready to be enjoyed by all.

This program includes all the vital elements necessary to create immediate, potent, and permanent change in a couples mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and prosperity:

  • First, the entire program has been developed with tried and true biblical principles, taken directly from them, and inspired by the “Word”.

o             Learn the structuring and reasoning behind God’s perfect complimentary design.

o             Discover the absolute intention and value of the Head and Heart’s essence, energy, and contribution to the home and general mental, emotional, and spiritual prosperity.

o             And for many, for the first time, truly enjoy the gift that God has given you as being made Man and Woman, increasingly experiencing the world as God intended in the beginning.

  • Second, the program starts with an intimate week-long marriage intensive onsite at one of our predetermined locations. This week-long experience will contain all the elements necessary to build the foundation of healing and growth.

o             A maximum of  7 and 12 couples, depending on the event, to ensure a powerful combination of a one on one and electrifying group experience.

o             Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity and experience to grow as individuals, spiritual partners, and ultimately as power couples ready to take on the world that lies ahead

o             Finally, leave with a Heart and Spirit relieved of its turmoil, on the road to healing and growth as a renewed relationship and partnership

  • The intensive is only the beginning of this year-long journey. Permanent change demands permanent relief of life’s patterns, triggers, and ailments, which demands resources and support that continues beyond one week of transformation.

o             In addition to the program within the Intensive Week, a more detailed 40-week program of themes both found within and inspired by the word will help you as a couple form and implement the relationship you desire.

o             An additional personal growth program for both Head and Hearts individually will finish by years end, supporting both in becoming and showing up as the best version of their complimentary selves.

o             Finally, out of necessity for complete and definite change, all 12 months include monthly group coaching to support transition and implementation.

Throughout all of our research, no offering includes the foundation, the necessary experiences, or the long-term support included in our program. As a result, we fell that this is one of the primary reasons that many of the alternative programs have minimal to no short and/or long-term results for a change.

For this reason, our packages are all inclusive minus travel expenses. As a part of your enrollment, you will receive:

  • Full accommodations for the entire week at one of our preselected destinations
  • Meals and snacks provided for the entire program week
  • All event and post event materials will be provided upon arrival and included with initial enrollment costs
  • Access to supporting materials including the 40 week programs for couples, Heads, and Hearts
  • Full year of onsite and remote group coaching

Unfortunately, due to our conviction towards this package being the only way to create permanent and lasting results, none of the programs are available à la carte at this time.

Due to the limited availability and resources of Coach West, Clare West, and Coach Kristin (The West’s still have nine at home and Coach Kristin has one of her own), we only have two events set on the calendar for 2019. Of which unfortunately means we only have room for 19 couples for this year…

For this reason, we have to be intentional about the candidates that we accept for these events and will be evaluating candidates based on need, urgency, and commitment. We really hate the idea of turning anyone away, but hope that everyone can understand the nature of our ministry.

Our events will be held:

At the 1906 Pine Crest Inn located in Tryon, NC on the week of March 24th and

At the Tuckaleechee Retreat Center of Townsend, TN on the week of April 7th

The 1906 Pine Crest Inn will offer lavish accommodations and a white tablecloth dining experience. For those who enjoy an all-around luxurious experience.

Learn more about the Pine Crest Event Here!

The Tuckaleechee Retreat Center offers a southern hospitality cabin experience in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains. For those who will enjoy this hometown experience.

Learn more about the Tuckaleechee Event Here!

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