Look Faith First has had real world experience and success helping business owners JUST LIKE YOU open the bottlenecks in every area of their business including sales, production, quality control, and client experience. We have empowered and developed even the least educated and confident business owners to have thriving, impactful, and Purposeful businesses. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about working with Look Faith First.

Great Results, Personable, Expert

Michael NachmanFred West isn’t like other business coaches, and that’s good for him. He’s set aside in his own category of greatness. His ability to help a business owner see the path to success is the most amazing thing I’ve experienced. The outside the box thinking he uses allows himself and his clients to open more doors than I ever thought possible. The same outside the box thinking is also countered by a tactfully grounded system that helps you focus like a laser on one goal at a time, until you are where you need to be — which is thriving and in the driver’s seat of your business’s destiny.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

April 21, 2016

Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Dawn BoyerFred was hired as a Business Consultant for MonsterClean and has proven his worth by his enthusiasm and ability to pull dragon's teeth from a highly mobile business owner and business and has provided  great organization guidelines to help MonsterClean build a better and streamlined organization. The work  he's done for MonsterClean has value and we hope to build upon his advice to make the company better.

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Dawn Boyer Director, Business Development and Human Resources, MonsterClean April 21, 2016

No-nonsense, common-sense based business coaching

Damian Steiner-SmithAbout 2 months ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Fred West of Enterprise Solutions International for the first time! My company based out of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area provides a  service that is in high demand but I'm no salesman and I was having a lot of trouble closing deals. Fred  helped me improve my sales process AND develop a stone cold analysis system and as a result I was  able to close a huge deal within a week of our first meeting. ESI has given me more than just business  development. As I become more organized, my confidence in my product and the value I bring my clients  has skyrocketed and my clients and friends have noticed! I've literally gone from one solid client to 5 in  less than one month and I credit a great deal of it to Fred's no nonsense, common sense based business  coaching method. Thanks again Fred! Looking forward to our next meeting!

Damian Steiner-Smith Owner, Guerrilla Social Media April 21, 2016

Showed me what my true potential was

Justin WilliamsFred West is an outstanding Business Professional that has shown excellence in not only his work but ethics and principles in any situation. I had the privilege in working with Fred in the past in many networking events, seminars and client transactions where Fred has time and time again proved to me  that he is hard worker, driven, leader and an excellent communicator as a Business Coach. I never knew what Business Coaching was until I met and he showed me what my true potential was on the inside.  A++

Justin Williams Cordinator, Social Media @ the Beach April 21, 2016

Helped fill the gap in my business

Amy RinesFred I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for my business. After sitting down with you, I realized that I needed to establish procedures and operations so that I could continue to grow my business as I have hoped. You have helped fill the gap in my business that was needed. As I have said before all businesses have three phases to be successful. No business owner is an expert in all three of these phases. The phases are Production, Marketing and Accounting and the more these areas overlap the more successful and profitable any business will be. All business owners know their production well. This skill, product or service is why they start a business to help others with a need for this production. As an Accountant I know my production and of course my Accounting very well.  That leaves Marketing as my weakness. Fred West with Enterprise Solutions International filled this void for me. He sat down with me, asked me lots of questions to determine my areas of weakness. With his  guidance and suggestions, I have been able to look at my business from the outside to determine what procedures, organization, and marketing strategies I need to become successful. Fred West cares about  the business owners he works with, and it shows in all the help, guidance, and assistance he provides to them. Any new business or business wishing to take their company to another level should make the time to meet with Fred. His insight and wisdom will only be beneficial to the success of your business.

Amy Rines Amy Rines Management Group April 21, 2016

Helped me work more efficiently

Wanda Benson LeBrayFred, I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much your coaching has helped me to organize my business and work more efficiently. I have began to implement and incorporate some of the  processes and strategies that we discussed and not only I'm I getting excited about the change and the  potential for growth, my team members are too. You've helped me re-direct my focus on the 4-main phases of my company that the business owner needs in place to operate and become more profitable.  Your coaching was done in a teachable manner and not judgmental. Therefore, I am very appreciative!!!  Without a doubt, I will recommend you to all business owners. In addition, I will keep you posted on my successes and accomplishments. Again, thank you so much.

Wanda Benson LeBray Farmer's Insurance April 21, 2016

Simply the best!

Chris HimesCharming and captivating! Coach West really understands the functions of business and how to capture a new audience. He is a tremendous listener who truly cares for his client and has their best interest at  heart. His passion for helping, developing, and motivating you to be your best is exactly what Coach West is himself; simply the best!!

April 21, 2016

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