Securing the right coaching partner is an important decision for any business owner or professional!

A strong coaching partner has an influence on the decisions which are made day to day, the direction of the business tomorrow, and, ultimately, the success realized by the organization indefinitely. Recognizing the scope of this decision for a business, we, at Look Faith First, work diligently to package solutions for businesses of any size, region, or industry; however, we fully separate ourselves from the impression that we are the perfect solution for everyone. We believe that EVERY leader and organization needs a coach, but realize that we are not, and will never attempt to be, the coaching solution for every leader and organization.

The “LFF Test Drive” is our signature solution to ensure that every coaching candidate is given the value and protection they need in their very first experience with Look Faith First. The biggest concern most of our coaching clients have is the commitment that comes from locking themselves into an expensive long-term agreement that may be a poor match. In addition, as an organization, we need to ensure that our clients are coachable and are willing to acclimate to the coaching experience to fulfill our commitments of providing a world-class experience and result.
Our LFF Test Drive is a full first month of partnership for the discounted price of only $500. During this first month, coach and candidate will work through the most pressing challenges holding back optimal performance, and develop strategies that will elevate the candidate to the next level! At the end of the test drive, both parties will have an unquestionable certainty surrounding the fruitfulness of the relationship and will be well on the way to making the best decisions for the future of the organization!

No expensive regrets, no fuss… just 100% value!

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“We MUST recognize that a profitable, thriving, Christian business is the greatest asset to our community, due to the values and charitable efforts that are a natural part of our faith.”- God's Business, Ix