Congratulations on taking the first step towards your full Potential, Prosperity, and Purpose!

Look Faith First takes a great amount of care in designing options that can fit with most any situation and organization. Our Coaching Options Include:

Peer Mastermind Coaching – A hybrid of the traditional group and one-on-one coaching. Leveraging the cost advantages and peer synergy of group coaching while also providing the intimate one-on-one personalized engagement that creates optimal results, Peer Mastermind Coaching is the perfect package for smaller budgets and/or organizations.

Elite Personalized Coaching – Elite Personalized Coaching is for individuals with unique challenges and opportunities in need of a custom coaching experience. Together, one-on-one with your personally assigned coach, call to call, you will discover and harness the powerful divine gifts at your disposal and eradicate the conflicting belief systems that are inhibiting success.

Premium Organization Coaching – Look Faith First’s Premium Organization Coaching is our fully engaging most impactful package to date. For larger organizations that need to create, maintain, and accelerate their momentum, Premium Organization Coaching usually includes on-site training and motivational events, remote education series for leadership and key stakeholders, and Look Faith First’s unique Performance Guarantee!

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If you are a new client, learn more about our Coaching Test Drive HERE!

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