They say momentum in an organization is one of the hardest things to build, but one of the easiest things to lose. Yet momentum is the single most potent driver for growth and change in business. Working with it brings accomplishments beyond measure, but without it even the simplest objective can be a challenge.

Here at Look Faith First, we have pinpointed the unique characteristics of high-performance organizations that have mastered the art of momentum, which can be broken down into three elements: Vision, Environment, and Fundamentals. In organizations with all three elements, the development, facilitation, and successful implementation of the most groundbreaking changes are embraced with enthusiasm, confidence, and competence. In organizations lacking even one of the three elements, you will find inconsistency, tension, and rejection, regardless of any potentially positive impact.

Build a foundation for perpetual growth.

The Look Faith First events and training program for teams is specifically designed and equipped to build and support the three elements that drive an organization’s momentum, while eliminating the practices that hinder fulfillment of true Potential and Purpose. What sets us apart from other providers is our integration of the three E’s in every program: energy, entertainment, and education. The three E’s create an environment that fosters high retention of content, embraces new concepts, and takes into account long-term implementation.

Our most requested topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Client experience
  • Effective marketing and messaging
  • Speaking fundamentals
  • Strategic solutions
  • Employee acclimation
  • Interdepartmental cooperation and synergy
  • Voice of the customer
  • Continuous quality
  • Delivery improvement

In addition, we have the resources and capability to develop custom programs based on the needs of any organization, regardless of size, industry, or location. If your business is desperate to reignite its momentum, or if you are looking for a provider to keep the momentum going, Look Faith First is excited to be a catalyst for your future success!

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Our consultation process takes around 60 minutes. We will work to understand the objectives of the event and recommend the best speaker, topics, and solutions available.

Step Three

After your consultation, your coordinator will make recommendations that align with your scheduling and your intention for the event.

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“If you don’t know already, being “nice” or “considerate” of our customers is a minimum, and really nothing to strive for. It is time to reinvent how we do business, and the standards by which we operate.”- God's Business, Pg. 18