They say momentum is one of the hardest things to build, but one of the easiest things to lose. Yet momentum is the single most potent driver for growth and change in life and business. Working with it brings accomplishments beyond measure, but without it, even the simplest intention can be a challenge.

Here, at Look Faith First, we take ownership in the experiences and successes of our participants and clients. Whether it is an event for couples, homes, employees, business owners, or anyone else, the most important thing for us is the responsibility we assume in transforming the lives of those who call on us. The Christian Community has been tasked with a great responsibility in this world, including witnessing, caring for the sick, poor, and incarcerated, and using our gifts and talents for the betterment of the entire world, just to name a few, and we at Look Faith First take our role in the preparation for that responsibility very seriously!

Build a foundation for perpetual growth.

That is why Look Faith First takes such great consideration and care in the development and facilitation of all our events. This includes the crucial implementation of the 5 E’s: Energy, Entertainment, Education, Engagement, and post-event Execution, which are the foundations for transformation. Events are supposed to be more than shows and information seminars; they are intended to be catalyst for intentional action and impact.

With almost 20 years of program development and a conviction towards creating continued relevant content, our event team is always exploring more ways to maximize your Potential, Prosperity, and Purpose. Our offerings include publically scheduled events; corporate, organizational, and group events; and we have the resources and capability to develop custom programs based on the needs of any organization, regardless of size, topic, or location.


Our most requested Corporate and Organizational themes include:

  • Client experience
  • Employee Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Process and Project Management
  • Sales Success
  • and MANY MORE!

Our most requested Group Event themes include:

  • Family
  • Couples
  • Leadership Development
  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Personal Success
  • Biblical Headship
  • Parenting
  • Embracing Purpose
  • and MANY MORE!

Get started below. Our process is simple.

Step One

Take the first step and schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

Step Two

Our consultation process takes around 60 minutes. We will work to understand the objectives of the event and recommend the best speaker, topics, and solutions available.

Step Three

After your consultation, your coordinator will make recommendations that align with your scheduling and your intention for the event.

What do you gain by waiting a second longer?

“If a company, big or small, is unable to move beyond physical compensation to motivate its employees, it is destined to continue to lose good people to the competition, and deal with sluggish and uninspired production. “- God's Business, pg. 105