If you could define yourself and your business intentionally, what limitations would you put on your potential and Purpose? When we ask our clients that question, a majority dismiss the idea of limits on either. However, when asked why they are not where they want to be, an OVERWHELMING amount of limiting beliefs begin to emerge.

The business community we operate in every day, especially as Christian business owners, is plagued with disempowering beliefs about the economic climate we are in, the workforce we have to pull from, the role faith should play in our businesses, and countless others. While many Christian business owners may claim they are impervious to the infiltration of those insidious beliefs, even the strongest minds and wills are vulnerable without the proper cognitive conditioning and environmental support system.

As a result, the organization’s talents and opportunities are underutilized, the confidence and competence they need to delegate responsibility for growth in their business is insufficient, and the true potential and Purpose of their businesses goes unrealized. We understand the challenges members of the Christian business community face every day. However, while you may live with doubts about the capabilities of balancing your faith and your business, you should recognize that by exploring solutions with Look Faith First, you are already the exception.

Tap into our proprietary Success Fulfillment Model

Look Faith First coaching is specially designed to open up the bottlenecks that have developed in your business, empowering you as the owner to leverage the abundance around you. Our proprietary I.D.E.A.S. Success Fulfillment Model can be tailored to fit any organization regardless of size, industry, or location, and it provides the hyper-purposefulness, hyper-clarity, and hyper-intentionality you need to accomplish even the most profound of ventures.

With up to three coaching packages to choose from, Look Faith First can develop a program to fit just about any budget.

Peer Mastermind Coaching

A hybrid of traditional group and one-on-one coaching perfect for smaller and younger organizations. Take advantage of the cost savings and peer synergy of group coaching while also receiving the intimate one-on-one engagement that leads to optimal results.

Elite Personalized Coaching

Designed for individuals with unique challenges and opportunities in need of a custom coaching experience. Work one-on-one with your personally assigned coach to discover and harness the powerful belief systems that are contributing to your current success. With your coach’s support, you will fortify the strategies necessary to overcome the disempowering belief systems that are restricting you from fulfilling your true potential.

Premium Corporate Coaching

Our most impactful package yet! For larger organizations that need to create, maintain, and accelerate their momentum, our premium package includes on-site training and motivational events, remote education series for leadership and key stakeholders, and Look Faith First’s unique performance guarantee.

We have coaching and consulting packages that fit any budget and business.

What do you gain by waiting a second longer?

“Summed up briefly, CHRIST NEEDS US to fulfill our Higher Purpose, so that we are able to do His work with the time we have here in this world. Do not fear success, but instead, welcome it and use it for the good that God needs done.”- God's Business, Pg. 11