Look Faith First 40-40-40 2017 Promotion!

Are you, your family life, or your professional life missing a catalyst to unequaled impact, prosperity, and joy?

My Friends… Having Christ as a foundational part of our lives is an unequivocal asset, and as obvious as this statement may sound to some of you, we are seeing more and more people try to contain Christ to our days of worship. With the way the world has rejected us, there isn’t even a question of why. However, we were never promised a “happy” life, but rather a “joyous” one, and we were told from the beginning that our joy would come at the price of the world’s rejection.

I could go on about this being the time to “take the training wheels” off of your faith so on and so forth, but instead, we are going to transition from lecture to action!

If you have yet to explode into each day full of energy, full of clarity, and with a potent and unwavering Purpose, this is your chance!

For the final 40 days of 2017, we have decided to do our part in making a 2018 the beginning of a new Christian Renaissance with our “40-40-40” promotion.

Here is how it works:

The promotion will last until the last day of the year (40 Days)

Coaching hours that are still unscheduled 40 hours before time will be listed on the Look Faith First Fan Page

Those coaching hours will be available on a “first come, first served” basis at 40% of our normal rate, which are prices that we have not had in over 7 years!

Our clients have enjoyed an amazing amount of success over our years, and we are happy to share some of those successes with anyone who is wondering if coaching is the solution to finding their Full Potential and Purpose!

Just follow the links below to our Facebook page for the available hours and to submit your interest and someone will reach out to you promptly to secure the spot!


Business Coaching

May God continue to bless you and others around you!

The Look Faith First Team

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