Day 12 – “Limit” – Look Faith First’s 12 Days of Excellence, 2017

In celebration of our 12th and final day, we want to send you off with clarity, peace, and possibility. We are all potential warriors for Christ. We are constantly given opportunities to do His will and represent His truth. However, because we live in a world bent on taking control of everything from the elements to even time, it is sometimes difficult to recognize that God is still the captain of the ship. We use the word “intention” instead of “goal” because there are times when our will conflicts with His, and room must be made for Him. We use “limit” instead of “time” to acknowledge that the beginning of a season or campaign and the end of it isn’t always measured in OUR time, but rather, HIS, and it is up to us to recognize when. What we do know is that when we give up control to Him, the right time will always prevail. In celebration of you and your great intention, Look Faith First’s Day 12 of the 12 Days of Excellence, “Limit”.

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