I doubt that I am the only one who has recognized the growing conflict in living an outwardly faith-grounded life. This truth has never been more evident than what most of us witnessed over the last several years coming to a head during this past presidential election.

To say that it was an exhaustive experience would be an understatement, and regardless of who you voted for, it would be shocking to believe you didn’t ask yourself at least once, “Is this the best God’s Country has to offer?”

The truth of the matter is, no, it wasn’t… but have we diligently provided God the space He needed to bring His best to the front? From what I have witnessed over the last several years, we haven’t come close!

So, my question for you is simple… Do you believe we are the hands and feet of Christ, or don’t you?

Since 2013, we have been attempting to redeem our country one business at a time throughout the nation, but after what we have witnessed of late, Look Faith First has recognized that what we are doing, as an organization, isn’t enough.

In 2017, Look Faith First is all-in on a mission to claim as many businesses for the Kingdom as our reach will allow. Our “Embrace Your Purpose 2017” offering has been packaged to elevate ANY BUSINESS that is committed to be the best version of themselves and fulfill their Highest Potential and Purpose!

For starting businesses and professionals, Look Faith First will be hosting a FREE “Purpose Development Call” to gain the insight, direction, and inspiration they need to nurture their growth and impact. (Sign-Up for Call @ pdc.LookFaithFirst.com)

For growing businesses, Look Faith First will be GIVING AWAY 3 Power Coaching Sessions every month at no obligation or compensation. (More Details Below!)

Finally, for Christian Community Leaders, we are excited to launch our P.A.T.H. initiative, which supports Kingdom Business and Entrepreneurship for entire communities looking to make the true impact they have always wished for. (Details HERE)

And as always, for businesses who wish to really embrace their FULL POTENTIAL AND PURPOSE FOR 2017, Look Faith First is happy to offer programs and packages that fit any size, industry, region, and budget.

May God Continue to Bless You and Others Around You!

Coach West

Owner/Founder Look Faith First

If you would like to join our Purpose Development Call Community, follow the link here.


*Power Coaching Session Details*

(Monthly 3 Power  Coaching Sessions Giveaway!)

  • 3 no-obligation Power Coaching Sessions will be given away once a month to a newsletter subscribed business or professional.
  • Winner will be announced on the Purpose Development Call and will have 3 work days to claim their prize.
  • Business or professional must have at least 2 years of full-time operation in order to be eligible.

Any new client that secures an agreement between December 2016 and December 2017 will have the 3 sessions credited to their account if they are one of the monthly winners.

We have coaching and consulting packages that fit any budget and business.

What do you gain by waiting a second longer?

“The long term success of a business is DEPENDANT on the love for its clients over the love for the product or service it provides.”- God's Business, pg. 74