Look Faith First is continuously seeking out partners to support the growth and sustainability of our clients. Listed below are some of our strategic partners.

Touchstone Business System:

The Touchstone Business System is a cloud-based application designed specifically for process management.  The Touchstone system’s unique organizational structure masters the storing of your process list. And by integrating your process list with your company’s organizational structure, Touchstone creates “position specific” operating manuals.  As a result, all of the instructions your employees need are always just one click away.  Your processes become dynamic, living, organic documents.

Igloo Intranet:

Igloo Intranet is a cloud-based intranet communication system that helps improve communications for up-and-coming startups and globally recognized companies alike. Their private, proprietary communication platform includes document storage, message boards, internal chat, article portals, and so much more. The Igloo Intranet will equip your company with the communication resources you need to get business done simply, seamlessly, and collaboratively.

Customer Magnetism:


As the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools, TTI supports the discovery, engagement, advancement, and performance of your most important assets – your people.

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