Christian Consumer

Our excitement about your involvement in the Look Faith First Movement cannot be expressed in words! The entire premise of our name, “Look Faith First,” was a call to action to YOU to consider a Christian alternative FIRST before committing to any solution.

The Christian consumer has a great deal of power and responsibility. As the benefactors of solutions from the Christian business community, you can help assess whether a Christian business is representing a commitment to “alignment” or just “leveraging” our faith for their own selfish gain.

One of the most common complaints we receive concerning a commitment to an investment in the Christian business community is the questionable, and sometimes downright dishonest, dealings that come from businesses professing their faith. There’s a growing belief that organizations that resort to promoting their faith as part of their identity are only doing so to gain favor or allowance in their business practices. If this is true in even limited examples, it is an absolute travesty.

For this reason, and many others, we at Look Faith First have put so much power in your hands. With our Christian Consumer Covenant as a guide, you can help guide the Christian business community to one that is representative of God’s promise through purpose, impact, and influence. As a Christian consumer you can ensure they represent their own commitments, they are stewards of the gifts they have been given, and that despite the wealth and power accumulated through their success they stay humble and compassionate.

We encourage you to download your own copy of the Consumer Pledge and the Christian Business Covenant.

In addition, we have put together a special “Be a Steward of God’s Business” kit. It’s the perfect tool for you to support your local Christian business community in growing their alignment with the foundations of our faith, or as a gift to show your support for a business that already represents the Christian business community with humility and grace. Kits are available year round; however, we will occasionally make a limited number available free of charge! Fill out the form below to get more information, including notices of promotions.

The kit includes:


  • A copy of Coach West’s newest book God’s Business: How to Supercharge Your Faith, Your Profit, and Your Client Experience
  • A framed copy of Look Faith First’s Business Covenant
  • FIVE “” silicone bracelets
  • ONE exclusive “” 4GB USB stylus pen (white)