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Congratulations for taking this step toward a bright new future for your organization! Look Faith First works diligently to support and grow the financial, charitable, influential, and spiritual impact of all organizations who call on us, and we are excited you have sought us out.

Look Faith First is different. We recognize that we may not be the best solution for every organizational challenge. We and our partners are blessed to know other coaches, consultants, and service providers that could be a better fit. For that reason, as good examples of the “Client Provision” standard, we have created this directory of service providers as a resource so your organization can get what it needs to fulfill its higher purpose.

Other than Look Faith First specifically branded offerings, we make no guarantees or endorsements of anything listed, except one: All organizations have made a commitment to our Christian Business Covenant, which means they have committed to doing business that is representative of the core values of our faith. For that reason, if any business listed falls short of that representation, we ask that you inform us on our Contact page so that we may reconsider their eligibility.

May God continue to bless you and those around you!

Coach West

Look Faith First Business Directory

  • Disclaimer

    It is your responsibility to research the business you are considering. Look Faith First makes no guarantees about the products or services offered by the businesses in our directory. Therefore, Look Faith First cannot be held responsible for transactions between businesses and consumers. We do our very best to qualify, moderate, and keep the information on this directory current; however, Look Faith First cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors on this website.


    We sincerely appreciate the support of each business that has embraced the Look Faith First Movement. While most of the businesses and organizations in this directory have been personally vetted, we are at your mercy to ensure they represent the values and beliefs set forth by our movement. As a courtesy of using this directory, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Review the Look Faith First Business Covenant to gain insight about what is expected of organizations and businesses listed in this directory.
    2. Review the Look Faith First Consumer Pledge to understand your role as the ideal Look Faith First consumer.
    3. Follow common-sense business practices before deciding on a provider by asking for references, securing multiple proposals, and getting a detailed proposal for the transaction in writing.
    4. Finally, and most importantly, if any business or organization in this directory falls short of the expectations we have set forth, reach out to us on our Contact page immediately. Promotion in this directory is a privilege, and we must be alerted about businesses and organizations not aligned with Look Faith First’s standards.

    May God continue to bless you and those around you!

    Frederick “Coach” West III
    Coach, Founder, and Owner of Look Faith First