Look Faith First Movement

There are so many paths that could have led you here, but all of them have one core element in common: The world is in desperate need of Christ’s love, and you are looking for more ways to manifest that love.

Look Faith First believes that a world built on the foundation of Christ is a better world, infused with an overflowing amount of morality, compassion, and purpose. The Christian community, as a whole, possesses so much power. Because of our wealth, influence, and example, even a minimal amount of awareness and commitment can have a catalytic effect. By bringing together Christian consumers and the Christian business community, we can foster a common commitment to grow from a community that leverages Christ to one that aligns with Him.

Look Faith First’s mission is to increase awareness among Christian consumers about the benefits and blessings that come from a thriving Christian business community, while also forming and molding Christian business owners to be worthy of such a commitment. With purpose, stewardship, and compassion as foundational elements of the Look Faith First movement, the Christian community will be provided with resources and compelled to deliver on the promises we have all made as followers of Christ. With every dollar spent by the Christian consumer going toward a business dedicated to impacting the world in a profound way, our purchasing decisions and actions gain an even deeper meaning.

Look Faith First has accepted the great challenge of putting purpose, stewardship, and compassion as cornerstones for measuring business prosperity, as well as the traditional financial metrics. In addition to our own solutions, we have developed resources, programs, and partnerships to support any Christian business, organization, or professional to forge a purposeful and prosperous existence worthy of God’s blessing.

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