It is not difficult to see the evolving views of Christ and business in today’s world. Everywhere we are witnessing opposition and the silencing of our faith, while at the same time businesses and their owners are being chastised for their success. So much of the progress we have made over the centuries looks as if it is eroding away, and at times many of us question whether or not the struggle is even worth the reward.

Look Faith First was brought to owner and founder, Frederick “Coach” West III, during his time of prayer and discernment and was founded with the belief that instead of separating Christ from our businesses, what the world needed was to mold and cast a thriving Christian business community. As Christians, we are called to do so many profound things with the blessings we receive: We are called to use our influence to support God’s works throughout our community. We are called to treat with compassion and love all those with whom we come in contact, which helps foster ideal relationships with our employees and clients. With our wealth, God calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and come to the aid of the sick and imprisoned. So, I ask, how can a business be better without Christ as a part of it?


Tested, proven solutions for Christian business owners

If you are the owner of a business, big or small, who is looking to solve the riddle of how to find balance between fully living your faith and having the purposeful, profitable, and impactful business you have always prayed for, you have found your answer. Look Faith First is equipped with tested, proven resources that support the growth of your faith as well as your business. Instead of seeing your faith as a liability, LFF has packaged the most impactful foundations of your faith as your greatest asset for client experience, leadership, and stewardship. In addition, LFF helps raise the awareness of the Christian consumer community to recognize how impactful every dollar they spend actually is.

So, if you and your business have yet to reach your full Purpose and potential . . .

Look Faith First is ready to partner with you to make it happen!

Our History

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The Movement

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