Month: July 2014

How POWERFUL Would Your Business be if Your Employees Were Converted from Followers to Disciples of YOUR Vision?!

Imagine for a moment: An all access training session that would teach you how to turn motionless, unmotivated employees into passionate, driven disciples of your business vision…For the first time ever, Look Faith First will be opening its client exclusive teleworkshops and seminars to a select group of business owners. Look Faith First is an […]

The Great Christian Conundrum: How Do I “Own My Greatness”, But Still Keep My Humility?

My Christian Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are living a favorable life and that everyone is benefiting from the blessing that you are. While I was being interviewed on Lisa Faulkner’s “Game Changers” this weekend about our book, Customer Service Is Killing Your Business, an interesting conversation came up.A BIG part of our vision […]

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