Why I Purchased Over $300 of Music I’ll Probably Never Listen To…

Among Christ’s greatest gifts was His ability to meet people where they were. To many of his follower’s surprise– and many of the church elders astonishment and irritation– He often placed Himself with the worst society had to offer. Whether it was the sick or afflicted, the ostracized and rejected, or even the Gentiles, Christ deliberately spread God’s salvation and love to all who would embrace Him. Here recently, I came upon a video of a young and up-and-coming artist named Bizzle through his new single, Not For Sale.I can’t really pinpoint what drew my attention to his video, but I can say with complete truth that is was not the rap genre of music. While I hold no specific prejudices of the genre all together, most of the time, the themes and the graphic portrayals don’t fit within my comfort, so I generally don’t pay too much attention to it. However, there was something that could not be ignored about this piece of artistry, and I found myself distracted by it. 

In an effort to avoid ruining the song I will not get in to specifics, however, I can say that it was one of the most profound messages about protecting our hearts and our faith that I have ever witnessed.

During the Fall season, when I am not being a father to my nine children, a husband to my wife, or trying to empower the Christian business community, you can find me on the green field on weeknights and Saturdays coaching youth football. Since even before I had young ones of my own, I have had a passion about the sport for its life lessons, inclusivity, and the impact that it had our young men and women. This year, I find myself coaching the first year of our 5- and 6-year old Flag Team, and with so much experience here at home with the age range, it has been an exciting and rewarding season so far. If you have ever coached in youth, you would be familiar with the diverse backgrounds of a team of players. Some have what we would refer to as traditional homes, but many others may come from any number of challenging environments, including financial challenges, single parent or appointed guardian, or even abuse… and some from a combination of all three.

On this particular day, one of my 5-year-olds began spouting lyrics from a song that I will not repeat here. It was a painful experience for me personally, because when I brought it to his attention, he truly didn’t understand why what he was saying was inappropriate, and in some ways disastrous for his personal development. When confronted with the transgression, he was respectful and compliant, but I really felt helpless in how I could support him beyond that moment. It was his environment that exposed him to such content, and beyond this season (truthfully, beyond 7:30 when I sent him home after practice), I was no longer going to be around. Knowing that there was nothing that I could do about it truly, I gave it to God, and went on with my heart and eyes open for His answer.

It was the next morning while reviewing my social media analytics that I came across “Not For Sale”. I can’t say with any confidence why it was on my feed, or who even shared it, but I instantly knew this was a message that needed to be shared. If you are a part of our Fan Page or Twitter page you probably saw us post it. At the time however, my question, and His answer didn’t quite click… Throughout the rest of the day even though I had managed to refocus on my client calls for the remainder of the day, I just had this overwhelming feeling that my job wasn’t done yet and I decided to reach out to the artist’s site. I just knew I had to support him further than just posting the link… but I couldn’t figure out how. THEN IT FINALLY HIT ME! While I, myself, could not identify or relate to this message, this young artist was the PERFECT VEHICLE to answer my prayer for the young man I coach! I now had the perfect tool to deliver Christ’s message right where he would have wanted it, and in a way that had a great way of succeeding. In addition, I was blessed with an opportunity to support an artist who would be able to continue to reach this young man, and countless others like him, for as long as he is able. I purchased well more than I needed for the player I mentioned before, so that I would be ready when new opportunities presented themselves, and even added a little extra as a donation for the artist’s  ministry. The opportunity to do so was so fulfilling, because it truly gets down to what Look Faith First is all about. Like we coach our clients, God has entrusted us with our businesses as stewards to support His ministries everywhere in the world… including 10 miles away where He is scarcely heard. So take it upon yourself and ask Him how you were meant to impact the world for His Glory today, you may get your answer in more creative ways than you think.

May God continue to bless you and others around you!

Coach West

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